Amazing Day

Coldplay’s “Amazing Day” was one of my motivations in creating the cyber pensieve.  I find it poetic and well-written.

We sat on a roof, named every star / shared every bruise and showed every scar
hope has its proof put your hand in mine /  Life has a beautiful crazy design

and time seemed to say /  Forget the world and its weight
And here I just want to stay /  Amazing day amazing day

We sat on a roof, named every star /  you showed me a place where you can be what you are

And the view, the whole Milky Way /  In your eyes, I drifted away
And in your arms I just want to sway /  Amazing day amazing day

It captures elements of my dream day (or days) where you share a night under the stars with someone special.

and I asked /  Can the Birds in poetry chime?/ can there be breaks in the chaos sometimes?
oh thanks God, must have heard when I prayed/ cause now I always want to feel this way
Amazing day, amazing day/  Yeah, today

To have the luxury of forgetting even for a brief moment day-to-day problems; someone to share your life with. Oh, what an amazing day indeed it would be.

Such feels from this song that I want my self years from now to remember it.  For now, I have to be content with some other version of an amazing day.

Credits for the lyrics:  Coldplay’s website (