Author’s Note (Oz 4th book)

So prior to starting my journey in the Oz collection’s 4th book, I read the author’s note and just had to add this in my Cyber Pensieve:

I believe, my dears, that I am the proudest story-teller that ever lived. Many a time tears of pride and joy have stood in my eyes while I read the tender, loving, appealing letters that come to me in almost every mail from my little readers. To have pleased you, to have interested you, to have won your friendship, and perhaps your love, through my stories, is to my mind as great an achievement as to become President of the United States. Indeed, I would much rather be your story-teller, under these conditions, than to be the President. So you have helped me to fulfill my life’s ambition, and I am more grateful to you, my dears, than I can express in words

L. Frank Baum / Colorado, 1908

Cheers for the wonderful storytellers!Β  Again, thank you for the stories.