Pax is a book I will read again. I was amazed with how this book approached difficult topics, such as general effects of war, parental issues, and effects of being away from natural habitat (for Pax). I thought I was reading a children’s book (or maybe I was) but I definitely got more than what I was expecting. A nice kind of surprise, definitely.

It is a recommended read, especially for parents who may be having a hard time discussing war and its consequences to their children. Though, some scenes may be avoided when reading it to kids (clue: mine field).

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The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto


The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto is a book I will not read again. I say this even if I loved the book and would categorize this as a recommended reading because of the heaviness I felt in reading it. I appreciated the experience of reading it and knowing the fictional Frankie Presto; but, I rarely re-read books that I find emotionally heavy. Nonetheless, it is a well written and well researched books and, for me, was able to convey a lot of loss and pain. Though there is somehow a redemption in the end, I genuinely still felt sad for Frankie Presto.

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On TV series and movies

Lately, I have been sidetracked by TV series and movies. I guess this is what Netflix subscription did to me.

TV Series and movies are not as tedious with books as the level of imagination required is not that high (almost negligible) since most of the elements are presented visually.

Moreover, TV series and movies can add a bit of additional detail, magic or flair to a story after hearing how a line is delivered or how the actor plays out the role. A story may even be experienced differently if through these medium, such as Sherlock Holmes and Flipped.

Even my favorite line came from a TV series and not a book:

“We are all stories in the end. Make it a good one, eh?” – Doctor Who

Choosing one over the other, however, is personal preference. But, for me, it is also healthy is they coexist somehow.

For me, books, TV series and movies are all great sources of stories, on top of personal interactions. And, it is where everything boils down to… I am a big fan of stories.😀

In the end, I treasure each story regardless of source or details that I remember (my memory is not exactly top notch) but how it made me feel.

Now, time to get back to another story.

Interpreter of Maladies


Interpreter of Maladies is a book I will not read again since I have read it twice already and the stories left me wanting more. For the latter point, I knew it was a collection of short stories so the idea of being left wanting more, I guess, was expected.

Nevertheless, this book is recommended as the stories were well written and able to provide a different perspective on human experiences. Though told from the point of view of Indians, it can resonate to all human experiences from my point of view.

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