Invincible Summer


Invincible Summer is a book I will read again if I am looking for a quick read that would remind me how normal it is to feel lost in the real world and the absence of a definite answer in almost everything. It is a good reminder that I just need to keep on going and anchor my life on love and friendship.

If there’s one thing that I’ve realized since Keith (note: her father) died, it’s that friendship and love are pretty much all we’ve got that’s worth anything. Everything else is noise.’ – Eva

For me, this is a recommended book as it was able to cover a lot of content without overwhelming the reader. This group of friends also have distinct worlds apart from each other, which is nice to have a peek into – physicist, trader, artist and event promoter.

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To “you”

To the person who took these pictures,

I know you wanted me to post these pictures in my instagran but I know it deserves more.

Why? Simple: this is one of my best memories in the Myanmar and Laos trip we had.

It is not because this is the first time I rode a bicycle in a main road.

It is not because of the relief I felt after doing it.

It is because of “you.” You were encouraging, patient and never gave up on me.

There was always this belief in you that knew I could do it. And you made me believe I could do it.

So, I was able to do it.

Thank you.

So more than my instagram, I am keeping it in my cyber pensieve as my heart swells with joy whenever I see these.

Again, thank you for this memory.

Life has its twist and turns but I hope our friendship survives. I need more people like “you” in my life.


The person in the pictures

Note: I learned to ride a bicycle only in early 2016. I have not ridden one for a long time, so this was quite a challenge.