Additional Tales from Oz part 1

NOTE: I finished the Oz series way back but my collection was not yet completely finished.  In the succeeding book, I learned in the prologue that somehow L. Frank Baum, the Royal Historian of Oz figured out a way to contact Princess Dorothy and, with the blessings of Glinda the Good and Ozma, granted him access to more stories.

Title: Patchwork Girl of Oz

I did not like the story. Though some elements of it are present in the previous Oz books, such as the journey, familiar and new characters, I felt like there was something missing. Fun maybe? Or is it that the journey almost became pointless? (With the previous books, I predicted the end as soon as the journey began.. something about how to handle Magic.) But I guess it is mostly on the new characters… I did not get attached to them like the previous ones.

Nevertheless, it is still a good read after being shut out of Oz for quite some time as we get to learn:

  • how the Powder of Life is created, including who created it;
  • what happened to some of our Oz friends: Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Dorothy; and,
  • that the Old Magician is no longer a humbug — he is learning tricks from Glinda the Good

My favorite quotes in this book were:

“But I never criticize my friends.  If they are really true friends, they may be anything they like, for all of me.” – Shaggy Man

But I have noticed that those who continually dread ill luck and fear will overtake them, have no time to take advantage of any good fortune that comes their way.” – Tin Man

Title: Tik-tok of Oz

After finishing the story, I am quite unsure why it was named after Tik-tok… But I loved the story nonetheless. With the Shaggy Man’s brother imprisoned by Ruggedo, Shaggy Man embarks on a mission to save him. Along the way he meets familiar faces to aid him in his journey, such as Tik-tok and Polychrome, with new characters, such as Rose Princess and officers from the Kingdom of Oogaboo, which makes the journey very interesting.  I loved the use of a Tube as a means to transport to another side of the world.  I also met Quox, the Dragon, that definitely aided them in their journey.  There was also a story of redemption for Queen Ann of Oogaboo.

All in all, I felt like this story had the right mix of the new and the familiar.  It was fun reminiscing the previous stories and then getting to know new ones.

My favorite quote in this book was:

“All the magic isn’t in fairyland,” he (Shaggy) said gravely. “There are lots of magic in all Nature, and you may see it as well in the United States, where you and I once lived, as you can here.”

“I never did,” she (Betsy) replied.

“Because you were so used to it all that you didn’t realize it was magic.  Is anything more wonderful than to see a flower grow and blossom, or to get light out of the electricity in the air? xxx”

Currently reading:  Ultimate collection of the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (E-book)


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