Journey through Oz part 3

Ozma of Oz is the third book in the Oz collection.  As indicated in the author’s note, similar to the second one, this story is a result of fan letters requesting more stories about Oz.  I have to say, all those letters are well deserved.

Similar to the previous two, this book was a light read.  It offers quirky characters and landscape but without being complicated.  Friendship and working together remains at the core of this story.

I was happy to see Dorothy back!  From the first book, I was already looking forward to more adventures with her.  She is just a lovable character; a mix of innocence, sweetness and sense of adventure.  This time, she was accompanied by Billina and Tiktok, which are both great addition to the set of characters I’ve already been introduced to.

Of course, journey through Oz would not be complete without the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow.  This was a reunion for characters from the first and second book with the addition of the Hungry Tiger.

Of the three, this was probably the most difficult situation their group of friends has faced.  The Nome King was a tricky opponent!  A bit of luck definitely went a long way.

It ended with a possibility of Dorothy’s return.  Now I am curious with how the story progresses.  Thank you L. Frank Baum for these wonderful stories.

Currently reading:  Ultimate collection of the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (E-book)


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